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Elective vein procedures cost less in the U.S. than in Canada - cross border healthcare - 30% to 50% savings
Sunday, September 1, 2013




As this article points out in the National Post, Canadians come across the border to the U..S. to shop because of lower prices AND because service is better for shoppers - just read the online comments of Canadians in regard to customer service in the U.S. versus in Ontario, Canada.


The same can be said about healthcare and elective treatments such as vein procedures, which cost 30% to 50% less in the U.S. than in major cities in Ontario, Canada.


Call for prices for unilateral EVLT, bilateral EVLT, unilateral ClariVein, bilateral ClariVein procedures.


Dr Karamanoukian has performed over 22,000 venous ablation procedures, perhaps more than any one single vein specialist in the U.S.  Call for evaluation and consultation @ 716-839-3638 or go to to read about his credentials anad experience.



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