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Canadian hospitals and prosthetic wound infections
Thursday, August 15, 2013 has written an article named Canadian patients need to wash their hands.  The article talks about the Canadian Patient Safety Institute celebrating STOP! Clean Your Hands Day on May 06, 2003 and notes that on this day public hospitals across the country encouraged their health care providers to wash their hands to reduce the spread of hospital acquired infections.  The article states that since 2003, the Canadian Patients Safety Institute has spent nearly one hundred million Canadian dollars in improving patient safety and quality in the Canadian health care cystem.  The article states that despite pouring all this money into the Canadian Patients Safety Institute, the consumer report show, CBC Marketplace concluded that Canada has the highest rate of hospital acquired infections in the “developed world”.  Despite this, Canadian hospitals seem to have very high infection rates and this has prompted a lot of Canadians to come to The United States for elective surgical procedures - knee and hip replacements, spine surgery, heart valve replacement and so on.


Although prosthetic device infections are possible in any setting, The United States sets very high standards for such safety precautions in its hospitals and outpatient centers.


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