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VenaCure EVLT Never Touch
VenaCure EVLT Never Touch is the procedure of choice to treat superficial venous insufficiency with lasers - and Dr. Karamanoukian - Canadian Patients are Welcome at the Vein Treatment Center


At the Vein Treatment Center, Dr. Karamanoukian utilizes the newest and most advanced laser system to perform endovenous ablation procedures ! This happens to be the VenaCure endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) Never Touch system. Dr. Karamanoukian has been using the VenaCure EVLT Never Touch system since 2007 and to date has performed over 21,000 endovenous ablation procedures - combined Venefit Procedure (previously called VNUS CLosure, EVLT and EVLT Never Touch Procedures). We incorporated the VenaCure Never Touch procedure in our armamentarium of procedures since 2009 to treat venous insufficiency involving the great saphenous (GSV) and small saphenous (SSV) veins.


eVLT Varicose vein procedure for bad veins and varicose vein problems.


We have all three types of EVLT generators, specifically the 810 nm laser, the 980 nm laser and most recently the 1470 nm laser. The 1470 nm llaser targets water in the venous system and is associated with less post procedure pain and bruising. It is no wonder that 99% of our patients return to work the same day or following day after VenaCure EVLT Never Touch procedure.


Dr. Karamanoukian continues to expand his referral base from adjoining states, Canada and other countires. We have had patients from every state (except Alaska) come to our center since its inception. We have certificates and plaques in our office (as of January 2011) documenting 13,000 cases of EVLT from Angiodynamics, which has developed the most advanced and safe EVLT laser system to treat venous insufficiency.


Traditional EVLT fibers (EVLT, EVLA, ELVeS) are excellent with ablating saphenous veins. However, the VenaCure EVLT Never Touch system is superb and has great obliteration (success) rates and is associated with minimal discomfort and bruising to the patient. Some centers choose not to use the best technology for their patients. We remain the premier vein center in our area and in the U.S. because we provide THE BEST technology to our patients such as the EVLT Never Touch system. The EVLT Never Touch system is more expensive to use and this cost is NOT translated to you or to your insurance carrier. The VenaCure EVLT Never Touch laser fibers costs at least 4 times as much as 'bare EVLT' fibers which some surgeons around the country use over and over again. You will see Dr. Karamanoukian use the EVLT Never Touch catheter system and open it in front of you as you watch the procedure. He will show you the "gold jacket" tip of the catheter and explain to you the advantages and disadvantages once again, as he has done so during your consultation. He will go over with you again, during the procedure why the "gold jacket" tip of the VenaCure EVLT Never Touch catheter is superior over "bare or naked" EVLT catheter products.




Cockett's Pre-EVLT

Cockett's Laser Tip

Cockett's Post-EVLT



Choose Board Certified Phlebologists for your vein care and you will get reproducible results and the use of The Best vein technology and expertise by compassionate and trained professionals. The Vein Treatment Center has 2 of the 3 Board Certified Phlebologists in the region as of this writing - Dr Hratch Karamanoukian and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian. Dr Raffy Karamanoukian (brother) has been featured 4 times on the Doctors TV show for his expertise. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian practices with Dr Hratch Karamanoukian in Buffalo, NY and both brothers work in the Santa Monica offices together at the Santa Monica Vein Center, a National Center of Excellence for Vein Disorders.


You too can have healthy legs that feel great and great looking legs !



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