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Microphlebectomy and Foam Microsclerotherapy
Combined Microphlebectomy and Foam sclerotherapy for Complex Cosmetic Vein Problems for


Varicose veins, the unsightly bulging veins under the skin can be treated with microphlebectomy alone, with sclerotherapy alone or in a combined fashion to reduce the number of phlebectomy puncture wounds for optimal cosmetic results. At the Vein Treatment Center, Board Certified phlebologist (vein specialist), Dr. Karamanoukian uses a combined approach to treat varicose veins. This technique is called foam microsclerotherapy (FMST). Contact Dr. Karamanoukian for evaluation and treatment.




Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy



Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy is a new method of treating varicose veins and ‘feeder veins’



There is NO need for an incision as this is NOT a surgical procedure



Foam sclerotherapy is performed without need for local anesthesia in the vast majority of cases



Treatment is completed in the office setting and takes 20-30 minutes, depending on the extent and number of veins being treated



This type of sclerotherapy is directly visualized by ultrasound imaging or ultrasound guidance



20-30 mm Hg compression stockings must be worn for best outcomes and are highly recommended for 3 months after each session



Mild discomfort and a bruising often follow treatment - bruising after sclerotherapy is much less than following microphlebectomy or vein stripping



No down time after foam sclerotherapy



Immediate exercize is recommended highly



Sun tanning and sun exposure is discouraged after medical (ultrasound guided) and cosmetic foam sclerotherapy



Costs of treatment are much lower than microphlebectomy or vein stripping



Some small hard lumps may be felt in place of the veins after treatment. These resolve completely over several months of healing and compression therapy





To get a free copy of Dr. Karamanoukian's book published by the American College of Phlebology, contact Dr. Karamanoukian at 716-839-3638 or send an email through his website.




Dr. Karamanoukian has been writing books for physicians and patients since 1997. He has authored 41 books and provides free pdf copies of some of his books to his established patients. Picture of the covers of the books are shown below and 8 books are for board review and copies of borad review books are not available for sharing.  






Dr. Hratch Karamanoukian contributed 7 chapters to the American College of Phlebology Patient Education Book titled 'Healthy Veins .... Healthy Legs' - A Patient's Guide to Phlebology'. The book was edited by Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS and Helane Fronek MD FACP FACPh.





Healthy Veins, Healthy Legs Book




The book can be ordered from the American College of Phlebology website.  The American College of Phlebology is the premier organization for vein specialists in the United States. Dr. Karamanoukian is a member of the American College of Phlebology and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology.






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