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Vein Anatomy Images
Images to educate patients about venous disease in Buffalo Niagara




1. images of spider veins (telangiectasias)


 Diagram of Feeding Vein







2. images of feeder veins, reticular veins


Spider Veins 





3. images of varicose veins


Varicose Veins








4. images of vein valves, venous insufficiency 


Venous Insufficiency Diagram


5. images of perforator veins



Perforator Vein



Perforating Vein




Diagram of Cockett's Types


Perforating Vein 



6. images of venous stasis ulcers


Diagram of Venous Stasis Ulcer



Gaiter areas where Venous Ulcers Occur





7. images of how compression stockings work

Compression Stockings




8. images of skin conditions in venous disease



Severe Lipodermatosclerosis









Bleeding from Varicose Veins



Venous Stasis Ulcer



Varicose Veins



Varicose Veins Eroding Though the Skin



Varicose Veins



Very Fine Spider Veins



Reticular Spider Veins




9. Other images relevant to venous disease



Sclerotherapy Pre-Injection 

Post Sclerotherapy



Cockett's Pre-EVLT

Cockett's Laser Tip

Cockett's Post-EVLT




Right Leg Sclerotherapy


Right Leg Sclerotherapy Needle Tip

Right Leg Sclerotherapy Post Injection

10. images for DVT and venous thromboembolism






Endoscopic view of blood clot across a vein valve (venous endoscopy):





Courtesy of Prof Alberto Caggiati (Rome, Italy)



11. images for thrombophilia


Virichow's Triad Chart




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