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Lower GI Endoscopy or Proctosigmoidoscopy

What is Colonoscopy ?


A Colonoscopy, also referred to as a Lower GI Endoscopy or Proctosigmoidoscopy, helps diagnose inflammatory and ulcerative bowel disease, sources of lower GI bleeding, and detects lower GI abnormalities, such as tumors, polyps, hemorrhoids, AV malformations, inflammatory conditions, precancerous lesions and abscesses and fistulas.


The procedure enables visual inspection of the colon up to the ileocecal valve. It also provides access for removal of a polyp and biopsy of suspected lesions. 


What is a Colon Prep? 


Prior to your scheduled procedure, we will provide you with instructions to strictly adhere to in order to achieve an accurate and thorough examination of the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract. A successfully performed colonoscopy is dependent on many factors, and importantly on ingesting a prescribed bowel preparation consisting of laxatives and enemas to assure the colon is completely clear of particulat debris. This particular prep will be customize to you upon your consultation with our physician at Buffalo-Niagara GI.


The Colonoscopy Procedure


The colonoscopy procedure takes less than 30 minutes once you are in the GI suite. Once IV sedation is given (conscious sedation or twilight anesthesia). you will be placed on your side a flexible tube (colonoscope) will be inserted into the rectum. The entire rectum, ascending colon, transverse and descending colon is visualized, inspected and abnormalities biopsied as needed.




Upon recovery the patient is driven home by a friend or family member and returns to the office for results and if biopsies are taken, given the results of the biopsy. 



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Colonoscopies are performed in local hospitals and outpatient centers of convenience.

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